Hi, we’re miraminds. 
We empower people to succeed with software and make their lives easier.

Our easy-to-use  documentation software FlowShare allows anyone to capture their know-how quickly and easily up to 9 times faster than with the manual documentation process.

Our solutions

Quickly create thorough step-by-step guides as you go.

Streamline your workflow with our intuitive documentation software. FlowShare for Windows makes it much easier and faster to write documentation and create how-to guides.

With FlowShare, anyone can capture their know-how quickly and easily, up to 9 times faster than before!

KiProWork - Joint research Project

We are devoted to advancing our research in the realms of AI and performance support, allowing people everywhere to get their work done more efficiently and with greater results. 


Founded in 2016 we are here to stay and looking for team mates who want to join us in the long term.

Good products come from good craftsmanship. It is a continuous work of perfecting features, capabilities and overall customer experience. Excellence can only come with years of diligence and patient effort.

It is not easy; hence we do everything believing we are in it for the long term.

We have been bootstrapped & profitable since day one and continue to be for more than a decade.

Customers & Partners

We take great pride in providing our customers with top-notch solutions and partnering with industry leaders to drive meaningful change. Our goal is to create lasting value for all parties involved.

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