We use FlowShare to show and document the process flow within an application before the conception of an IT training course.

André Lung

Managing Director AbilityLoft

AbilityLoft is a consulting company in the field of e-learning. The company analyses its customers’ learning landscapes, designs individual learning concepts and communicates the content in its own way – and in doing so, the Cologne-based company has discovered its very own use case for FlowShare.

What exactly is your role at AbilityLoft and what activities does it involve?

As managing director I am responsible for the overall process of training creation. This includes conception and production on the one hand, but on a meta-level also the optimization of the whole process.

What is FlowShare used for in your company or department?

We use FlowShare to show and document the process flow within an application before the conception of an IT training course.

What challenges did you have before using FlowShare?
How did you solve them back then?

The demonstration of an application was done verbally on the computer of the relevant expert. This has three major limitations: First, an appointment has to be found, second, it is only discussed verbally, and third, it becomes apparent quite late if something was done wrong or forgotten.

What was your biggest concern when buying FlowShare?

The licensing model and the necessity of gaining customer acceptance for the tool.

Was there a hurdle that almost prevented you from buying?

The possibility that it is a pure Windows tool (our main environment is MacOS) and the limitation that it only runs on 64-bit systems. Hopefully this last point will soon be a thing of the past as our customers upgrade their systems.

"A tool to easily and quickly capture screen sequences."

What was the main reason to buy FlowShare?

We could implement it in a customer project.

How does FlowShare improve your daily work? Is there a measurable positive influence on your colleagues and customers?

Yes, pretty much because of the above mentioned challenges we had before and which FlowShare solved.

Which feature do you like most about FlowShare?

The simplicity of recording.

Would you recommend FlowShare?

Yes, but the use case is quite unique ☺.

How would you describe FlowShare to someone in your industry?

Preferably not at all, the methodology we base on FlowShare is more or less a unique selling point. But if I had to:
A tool to easily and quickly capture screen sequences.”

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