Speed, simplicity and cross-software usability – For all those who need to capture and transport knowledge, it is an extremely useful tool.

Marten Krull

Product Manager at IPD NOW

IPD NOW is a Hamburg-based IT company that advises small and medium-sized firms. The young team states with confidence: “We are an IT company that can do a lot”, but then adds: “but not everything. That is why we have partners who complement us perfectly with their expertise”. We are pleased that we have been one of these partners for some time now and that IPD NOW uses FlowShare for its work.

What exactly is your role at IPD NOW and what activities does it involve?

I work as a product manager at IPD NOW. This includes advising customers, implementing projects and constantly expanding the product portfolio.

What is FlowShare used for in your company?

I use FlowShare primarily to relieve our service department. We create instructions for our customers, who regularly come to us with user questions, and we use FlowShare to build a wiki. We make this available to our customers, so that they can help themselves and at the same time solve other customer questions (customer helps customer).

Secondary I also use FlowShare internally to train new employees.

What challenges did you have before using FlowShare?
How did you solve them back then?

Before FlowShare there was no real solution. In exceptional cases I built manual instructions with screenshots for large companies. However, the time required was enormous.

What was your biggest concern when buying FlowShare?

That colleagues internally would not accept the software (since it is so easy and fast, this worry was unfounded) and that miraminds is an “onehitwonder”.

What was the main reason to buy FlowShare?

There were no comparable alternatives or competitors. Furthermore, the purchase was based on the fact that the software was adapted to our individual requirements, it was constantly further developed and our customer feedback was implemented.

"We use FlowShare to build a knowledge base for their customers, which can be created quickly and expanded continuously. This constitutes our USP in comparison to our competitors and would not be possible without FlowShare."

How does FlowShare improve your daily work? Is there a measurable positive influence on your colleagues and customers?

We use FlowShare to build a knowledge base for our customers, which can be created quickly and expanded continuously. This constitutes our USP in comparison to our competitors and would not be possible without FlowShare. For IPD NOW, FlowShare manuals are not just a product, but the database enables us to provide an additional service to our customers.

Which feature do you like most about FlowShare?

The fact that an arrow automatically appears in the right place in the screenshot – that used to be a pain in the ass in Word.

In your opinion, what are three other major advantages of FlowShare?

Speed, simplicity and the cross-software usability.

Would you recommend FlowShare?

Of course, I have already recommended it. It is an extremely useful tool for everyone who needs to capture and transport knowledge.

How would you describe FlowShare to someone in your industry?

Create instructions, without any effort!

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Always keep developing diligently! With every new feature the software gets a bit better. You know: Nothing is more constant than progress.

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