My advice: Download the trial version and try it out.

Thomas Lang

Head of Information and Communications

The Limburg municipality was the first in the series:

Limburg an der Lahn is not only a Fairtrade city, seat of the diocese of the same name and origin of our managing director Oliver Fluck – but also a proud FlowShare user. Thus, the city administration was the first, followed by other administrations, which today use FlowShare in the everyday life of German authorities.

What exactly is your role in the magistrate of the district town Limburg a. d. Lahn?

Together with a colleague, I head the Information and Communication Department. We look after the municipal data processing.

What challenges did you have before you used FlowShare?

In the past, screenshots of the individual work steps had to be created first.

Often, mouse pointers had to be inserted manually. Then, the screenshots were inserted into MS Publisher and the descriptions of the individual steps were inserted manually. Finally, PDFs were created for distribution to the users or for filing in our documentation. All this was connected with a considerable expenditure of time.

What was the main reason to buy FlowShare?

I got to know FlowShare through the advice of a friend and first downloaded the trial version. The speed with which I had created the instructions generated for the test convinced me of the product immediately. The additional features of the Pro version (personalized layout, additional export formats) were the deciding factor for buying it.

How has this improved your daily work?

With FlowShare, we were able to reduce the effort to create software user manuals or documentation considerably. To create documentation, all you have to do is start FlowShare and minimize it to the screen border. From then on, every mouse click is registered and a screenshot is created (inclusively reading the texts of the selected menu items in the background).

After completion of the work step to be documented, FlowShare is maximized to full screen mode. In this mode, only the screenshots need to be adjusted to the desired image section. The created textual descriptions can usually be used without any changes. After saving the edited flow, an export as PDF, Word or HTML file can be automatically performed via the menu.

This has considerably reduced the workload for us, while at the same time, improving the quality of the guides and documentation produced

"The workload has thus been considerably reduced for us while at the same time improving the quality of the guides and documentation produced."

What would you advise others who are considering buying FlowShare?

My advice is: Download the trial version and just try it out.

Is there a measurable change that has resulted from buying FlowShare?

Since you quickly can create documentations on the side, the amount of existing documentation has increased significantly without noticeably affecting other tasks.

What role has digitization played for you so far, and how does FlowShare fit in?

Digitization is one of the current top issues also in our city administration. Be it the upcoming introduction of the eAkte or new applications in the field of eGovernment. With simple, quickly created illustrated instructions, we can make it extremely easy for our employees to familiarize themselves with new procedures. I hope that this will help to prevent the fears of those who are concerned of being overwhelmed, especially in areas with a large audience. In addition, the EU data protection basic regulation implies that the topic of documentation will also be given a much higher priority than in the past for us as the internal IT service provider of the city administration.

Which feature do you like most about FlowShare?

I can create the manual at the same time as the demonstration of the software by simply running FlowShare along with it. In the meantime, several colleagues from our department are already using FlowShare for documentation.

How did you feel about the previous support of miraminds GmbH?

The support was always very fast. The software enhancements that have already been made in a short period of time give me a very positive picture.

How would you describe FlowShare to a colleague?

It is a great tool for creating software manuals and documentation quickly and easily.

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