A simple tool that simplifies multi-project management.

Oliver Müller

Consultant at SPI

SPI’s philosophy is “We turn your idea into software”. The Hamburg-based IT company advises customers on software and digitization issues and develops
Point-of-Sale systems, among other things. Therefore SPI is also responsible for a special FlowShare functionality: The developed POS systems work via F1 keys and should be documented with the help of FlowShare – this is why FlowShare today reacts to F1 keys.

What exactly is your role at SPI and what activities does it involve?

I am a consultant at SPI GmbH. I advise customers on the planning of new software which my colleagues from development and then we implement it. I support the customer from the planning stage through the test period to the rollout.

What is FlowShare used for at SPI?

I use FlowShare to create short references for customers and colleagues. Brief instructions for new features in the system, support cases or complex settings in the back-end can be easily shared.

What challenges did you have before using FlowShare?
How did you solve them back then?

Knowledge sharing was either solved text-based, which sometimes led to ambiguous results, or issues were explained personally. The latter had the disadvantage that it took a lot of time and the transferred knowledge was not documented.

Was there a hurdle that almost prevented you from buying?


"Short instructions for innovations in the system, support cases or complex back-end settings can be easily shared."

What was the main reason to buy FlowShare?

The easy handling and the concept of FlowShare. Process sequences can be easily documented with little additional effort.

How does FlowShare improve your daily work? Is there a measurable positive influence on your colleagues and customers?

FlowShare documentation can be created much faster than text-based documentation.

Which feature do you like most about FlowShare?

The zoom function.

Would you recommend FlowShare to others? Why or why not?

I have already recommended FlowShare.

How would you describe FlowShare to someone in your industry?

FlowShare is a simple tool that simplifies multi-project management. Processes and procedures are documented with screenshots, which can be given meaningful descriptions.

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