Document your PC workflows 9-times faster.

Create effortless step-by-step guides and reduce unnecessary workload.


The easiest way to share your know-how.

You don’t need to work any harder, Flowshare works in the background and automatically create step-by-step software guides for you. The documentation-software Flowshare is very easy to learn and use.

Use Flowshare to

  • Easily share your software knowhow with others,
  • Quickly help your colleagues to master a new software
  • Create a modern support experience and never answer the same question twice

Flowshare benefits at a glance:


Fully automated creation of step-by-step guides with images and text.


proven 9-times faster than a traditional documentation process.


From installation to first results in just 90 seconds.


Compatible with all desktop and browser applications running on Windows 7, 8, or 10.

How does Flowshare work?

Whilst working on the computer, Flowshare records your actions in the background and generates a step-by-step guide automatically. Making a professional user guide takes as long as working through the initial process.

Common use cases

Customer Care Support

Customer Care Support

Flowshare enables you to record your solution as a step-by-step handout, which you can then send as a follow-up right after the support has been successful. Thus, you ensure that the problem will not bother you a second time and the customer feels appreciated by this custom-made handout. This way the customer care support reaches a whole new level of sustainability und efficiency – a win win for everyone!

Onboarding & Knowledge Management

Onboarding & Knowledge Management

To keep up with technological developments, you can simply use the lean documentation-software Flowshare for generating individual guides for your requirements. Flowshare enables every employee to capture their user-knowledge and share it with everyone. This overcomes limitations you face when teaching and sharing user-knowledge is concentrated on key user and the support desk.

Ad hoc IT documentation

Ad hoc IT documentation

If the production of software guides is part of your daily routine, you know how long it can take to make a professional user guide. The age of 600-page long user manuals are over. In this fast developing world, such a manual is already out of date the second a user opens the cover page.
With Flowshare you can keep pace with the developments. Create ad hoc user guides on demand and share them with your co-workers, users and clients. They will thank you for that!

What our customers have to say:

  • Digitalization is currently the most pressing topic in our administration. With simple and quick generated software-guides, our onboarding process for new employees is easier than ever before. A great tool to generate quickly professional software guides.

    Thomas Lang Department Manager IT for District Town Limburg a.d. Lahn
  • Thanks to Flowshare, we could reduce the "Angst" of the management, of how to teach new software to our employees in an easy and professional manner. Flowshare instently minors the restraints of generating software guides by automating most of the capturing and therefore enables  a very easy transfer of knowledge.

    Philipp Belau CTO, BDAE HOLDING GMBH
  • When using Flowshare whilst communicating a workflow, the work of documenting it is accomplished at the same time. In fact, I have used Flowshare to handover my work before taking a vacation. This was much appreciated by my colleagues. Over the time Flowshare has really grown on me. 

    Carlos Leber IT-Projectmanager Limbach Group SE

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