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    credit card
  • Minimum period
  • License type
  • Commercial applicability
  • Automated updates
  • Export formats
  • Branding
  • Adjust arrows
  • Choose area of screen capture*
  • Teilbereiche auswählen
  • Upload your own MS Office templates
  • Support
  • Flowshare Free

    • None
    • Per user & workspace
    • Forbidden
    • Bugfixes only
    • PDF only
    • miraminds branded
    • Basic arrow style in one colour
    • Manually
    • Basic (knowledge base)
  • Flowshare Pro Annually
    21 monthly
    • 30 days
    • Per user & workplace
    •  Selling your guides permitted
    • Bugfixes and new smart features
    • PDF, PNG, HTML, Word, PowerPoint
    • Your own corporate identity (logo & colour)
    • Choose from different arrows and colours
    • Automatically*
    • Premium (ticketsystem, replies within 24 hours)
  • Flowshare Pro Flexible
    29 monthly
    • 30 days
    • 1 switch per month possible after 30 days
    •  Selling your guides permitted
    • Bugfixes and new smart features
    • PDF, PNG, HTML, Word, PowerPoint
    • Your own corporate identity (logo & colour)
    • Choose from different arrows and colours
    • Automatically*
    • Premium (ticketsystem, replies within 24 hours)
* coming soon

You want to buy a greater amount of licenses?
We offer a volume discount when purchasing more than 10 licenses. For corporations, we offer a very own technical enterprise solution. Please contact us for further information.

Buy without risks – Flowshare
satisfaction guarantee

Hundreds of users are positive about Flowshare Pro. And we are only happy when your are, too. If you by any reason realize that Flowshare Pro is not the right tool for you after you bought it, we offer you 14 days to get a not-satisfied-refund. No questions asked.

Questions regarding Flowshare Pro

In which languages can the software be used?

At the moment you can choose between English and German. We are currently working on the flowshare versions in French, Spanish and Italian. They will be available in some months via an update. Do not hesitate to contact us for requests for other languages via mail.

Which options to edit the document do I have?

After the recording you have several possibilities to edit the document. By implementing your company logo and your company colours you match the handout with your corporate identity and make it your individual product. Furthermore you can edit and complement the automatically generated text, add further photos and pictures, make private data unrecognizable and zoom in details. The order of the pictures can be changed and according to requirements you can shorten or extend the document.
A detailed overview of all functions can be found in our support.

What happens if I do something wrong during the recording?

When editing the individual steps, all actions can be reversed with the undo-function. A recording can be paused at anytime and be continued and edited at the same or a different step. All wrong steps can be deleted or shifted.

Which file format does the handout have?

The tutorial is generated as a .flow-file and can be saved in this format. The .flow- file can be opened and edited in flowshare anytime.
After completing the editing you can export the finished instruction in different formats: with the pro-version you can save the handouts as pdf-, word-, html- and png-file. They contain all recorded actions step by step with explanations and arrows.

Do I need to be connected to the internet, to use Flowshare?

Flowshare needs to be connected to the internet for this three reasons:

a) during installation.

b) when the product key is entered. Also Flowshare checks every month or so, whether your product key is still valid. If you have a product key entered and you are not connected to the internet for a longer period, Flowshare will reverse itself into the basic version.

c) you want to get the latest update for Flowshare.

If Flowshare is already installed on your computer, you don’t have to be connected to the internet. Flowshare is a local desktop app and does not need the world wide web to function.

Does Flowshare work with every software on my computer?

Yes. Flowshare works with any software that runs on Windows 7, 8 or 10. It even works with nativ windows apps. The only requirement is, that it must be a 64-bit-system.

Is Flowshare available for Mac users?

Not in the moment. Flowshare only runs on Windows and we are not planning a Mac version any time soon. You can use a virtual machine though (like Parallels) to capture web applications easily.

Does Flowshare run in the cloud?

No. Flowshare is and always will be a desktop-app.

Can I use Flowshare when working in the cloud?

Flowshare works perfectly with browser like Firefox, Edge and Safari. We are working on Chrome.

How do I update Flowshare?

When there is a new version of Flowshare available, you will get informed when you start Flowshare automatically. To get informed, you must be connected to the internet.

The update is easily installed with a few clicks and during to process you are thoroughly informed about any changes the update makes. At the same time, a newsletter will inform you in greater length about the purpose of those changes.

What data does Flowshare collect?

Apart from your Email address you have to enter during the installation process, Flowshare does not collect any data. Flowshare is a desktop software. As a user, you decide when Flowshare starts capturing your steps. Only then, Flowshare makes screenshots and interprets your actions. At any given time you have the possibility to stop the recording and edit your steps. When editing, you can blurr sensitive information at any time, so other users cannot identifiy names or date of birth etc. When you save or export a file, it is saved locally and you are the one who decides, when it is published.

Can I keep the software licence if I acquire a new computer?

Of course, if you purchase a new computer you do not have to buy a new software licence. An existing licence can be transferred from the old computer to the new one and you can continue using it without difficulty. The same applies if an employee is leaving the company: the respective licence can be transferred to a different employee.

Does Flowshare change any system setting during installation?

No. Flowshare does not change any system settings and only changes the system regestry within its own file. Even with very strict IT-compliance, introducing Flowshare into your company will not be a problem.

Am I allowed to sell my handouts I generate with flowshare?

If you are the owner of a product key, you are entitled to produce and sell handouts and documents with Flowshare.

However, if you use the free version, the produced content must not be commercialised in any way.


Do I get support, when I need help?

Of course – please check out our help desk: https://miraminds.com/support

I your question is not answered there, you can write an email to our support and it will be answered within 24 hours.

What exactly do I pay for?

You are paying per liscence per workstation. After your money is transferred, you get an individual product key for your Flowshare.

I have problems downloading Flowshare, what can be the possible reason?

An unsuccessful download can have several possible reasons. Do not hesitate to contact us via mail and we will send you a separate download-link to ensure a successful implementation.

Can I cancel my payment?

For education purposes, Flowshare may be used for free.

As a company, you can write to us and request the product key for 14 days.

Also, you can withdraw from your purchase within 14 days after payment. This is, when you are not satisfied with Flowshare. Those two 14 days trial are supposed to ensure, that you are indeed satisfied with Flowshare.


Can I switch between the different liscencing models?

You can switch between the free and the pro version at any time and without any problem. You can switch between the different abos within the first 14 days or after the minimum term ends.

Your question is not answered? Write to us: