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FlowShare creates detailed step-by-step guides as you perform your tasks.

FlowShare runs in the background and documents every step and action you take in any software, then delivers a branded process manual you can use to train your staff.

14-day free trial. No credit card required. 



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These companies already trust FlowShare to create guides that run their business

"When I used to work on a relatively complex step-by-step documentation, it took me around two days. With FlowShare, it's less than an hour and a half. It doesn't get much easier than that."
Thorsten Raeker
IT, Bauvista
"In the end, we saved a lot of money simply because we were able to speed up the documentation process. Without FlowShare, our ERP migration and documentation would probably have taken half a year longer."
Daniel F.
ERP Business Process Manager
"I need only 10-15 % of the time it took me in the old days with paint and stuff."
Andreas K.
IT Project Manager
"Even when I had little time, the documentation was done within 20 seconds. And in such a way that colleagues and other employees could also make good use of it."
Philipp Belau

The way companies document their processes is dead

Here’s what’s happening in most companies:

No standard process for documentation

Everyone documents their processes as it suits them (if ever) on TOP of day-to-day business.

The processes are only in their heads.

No one really knows how a particular process works in the company, because it has never been documented.

They have a migration project and no clue how to document hundreds of new processes

They need to document hundreds of processes during a software rollout (ERP, CRM, …) but don’t really know how without blowing the timeline and budget of the migration project. ​

It takes them weeks to create guides

They spend weeks creating guides manually with Snipping tools, Word, etc. or complex authoring tools.

They don't even start

Most employees don’t even start documenting because it’s so tedious and time consuming.

Their guides are quickly outdated

Due to updates their documentations or training videos are quickly outdated and no longer usable.​

There is no consistency

All the company's manuals look completely different - sometimes the image takes a whole page, sometimes it’s the size of a stamp, branding is off.

Waste budget on additional training

They have to hire expensive trainers due to insufficient user manuals just to refresh software skills.

It takes weeks to onboard new employees

It takes weeks to onboard new employees in software processes - and they're not productive when looking over the shoulder of current employees who also are kept away from their actual job.​

No one watches the training videos

They use videos to train their staff but employees come up with questions constantly showing that no one watches the trainings. ​

Doing documentation doesn’t mean you have to take the team away from their current responsibilities, write out every single step of the process and waste hours of your valuable time to keep up or up to date.

There's a better way to create guides             user manuals processes     

With FlowShare you go through your task as you normally would and it creates a step-by-step guide including screenshots, arrows and text instructions. It documents your entire process as you do it.

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Here's how it works in FlowShare

1. Open up FlowShare and start any task.

Instead of having to document everything by hand, start FlowShare and then go through your process on your computer as you normally would. 

No matter what you are doing or which application you are using, FlowShare documents everything in the background – every click, screen, every step that you take. 


2. Bulk edit and adjust your new process.

When you’re done, you can review and edit every step. 

Bulk Crop your guide, to create more focus. Blur hundreds of images at once to hide sensitive data. Add and move markups, edit texts. 

3. Publish and share your new process.

When you are ready to share your new guide Select the format   your choide – PDF, PPTX, DOCX, HTML or PNG,

Choose a design template – FlowShare automatically formats it with your company branding including Colors, logo, fonts and you can share it with your team! 

If you need to update the process, you can always access your source flow-file. 


With FlowShare you'll be able to

Establish a standard documentation process

Your staff will be more willing to document their processes with a much faster way to do it.

Minimize risks during a software rollout

Increase the likelihood of a successful software implementation being able to capture hundreds of processes at scale and provide step-by-step instructions for everyone involved.

Never document manually again

Never have to manually write documention again a process again. go through your proc ess and flowshare documents everythings in the time it actually takes you to do your job.

Gain Control of your processes

Cross-departmental and uniform basis for documentation. No tedious tracing or reconstruction of processes because everything is cleanly documented in a visual way.

Preserve the know-how in your company

No more time or budget wasted trying to retrieve forgotten knowledge or processes within an organization through workshops, external trainers and consultants.

Make all your guides look uniform

FlowShare automatically formats every document that's created into your branding no matter who creates the process.

Easily keep up with updates

FlowShare makes it easy to quickly adjust a guide and be done with it instead of having to capture it all over again.

Speed up your documentation process

You will be able to do 5 guides in the time it used to take you to do just one. Your staff just goes click, click, click through a process and get a detailed step-by-step guide.

Create step by step guides that everyone understands

Quicker to create, always available even if your staff doesn’t have internet access. And easy to follow even for those who lack computer skills.

Reduce onboarding time

Have your new hires up to speed and familiarize with all your processes within days without keeping your veteran staff away from their responsibilities.


Documenting processes has never been this easy.

Automatically documents every action you take.

FlowShare works with any application on your computer even your desktop. records every click and screen and adds text instructions for every action. 

Consistent branding across every guide

Every guide you export, will have your logo, fonts and brand colors. Create brand templates that format for guides

Blur all sensitive data at once

Blur sensitive data and FlowShare automatically identifies every step that element shows up and blurs it for you. Save hours of work by not having to blur sensitive data on individual steps. 

Document while you work / create guides while you work

You can focus on what you do best without interruptions and FlowShare will automatically do the documentation for you in the background. every step you take

Installs on your device

Because FlowShare runs from your computer, nothing is saved in the cloud. Everything is save and secute. It even works with Citrix and other Terminal Servers.

Automated Descriptions

Save time on repetitive text descriptions on “where” to click - FlowShare describes where you clicked on including the name of the Buttons automatically.

Image Editing in Paint

You can enrich the captured screenshots with even more information and add invidual markers.

Shorter guides through StepCombine

Your guides become shorter and clearer as FlowShare automatically merges related consecutive steps into one single image for you.

Simple, quick screen annotations

FlowShare makes your guides easier to follow by highlighting where you clicked. You can easily adjust and add additional markups.

Create brandend guides without any design experience.

With over 10 templates to chose from, FlowShare let's you create documentation that looks like it was designed by a pro.

Bulk Crop your entire process.

Save valuable time when editing by not having to crop screenshots individually but by applying the crop to several screenshots at once, and thereby setting the focus in your guide.

Source-Files for fast updates

Keep your documentation up to date easily by not having to capture the process all over again but just update the new steps the source Flow-file.

Export to various Formats

Choose the right format for your needs at a given moment, depending on the type of guides you are creating: PDF, PPTX, DOCX, HTML or PNG.

Here's what your guides can look like

These example guides were created by our interns who have never created step-by-step-guides before.

They have no design education and didn’t put any effort in to make them look good. 

If they can do it, you can do it.

Create an unlimited number of guides free for 14 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  

That's why over 1000 organizations love FlowShare:

“With FlowShare, documenting is really quick and easy and everyone will understand the software, I'm convinced.”
Corina R.
Training Coordinator
"If I just go through a system once with FlowShare, I get the slides and then I just have to add the texts – that saves me hours of time."
Nicole E.
"When I used to work on a relatively complex step-by-step documentation, it took me around two days. With FlowShare, it's less than an hour and a half. It doesn't get much easier in that department."
Thorsten R.
IT Service
“So what I find absolutely brilliant is that you can basically focus on your task and the screenshots are taken in the background.”
Daniel G.
"I've worked as a consultant in the ERP business for 20 years myself, I wish I'd had a tool like this many times."
Daniel F.
ERP Business Process Specialist
"FlowShare is a high quality and intuitive tool for everyone who has to prepare larger number of software instructions."
Christian S.
"You get a nice manual faster without doing much for it."
Sascha S.
Client Management
“It's great to be able to follow up on IT training, to write a short note in FlowShare on what a step was all about again and keep the knowledge in the company.”
Jelena K.
Management Assistant
"What we really liked about FlowShare: it's really foolproof. Anyone can use it."
Stefan R.
Senior Dispatch Manager
“I need only 10-15 % of the time it took me in the old days with Paint and such.”
Andreas K.
IT Aministrator
"When doing the job I don´t have to worry about forgetting any step – FlowShare will take care of that 100%."
Wolfram V.
"The probably easiest solution to kick-start your process documentation."
Moritz H.
"We use Flowshare in our NGO both for our work with a solid 800 volunteers and for the permanent staff. The IT skills vary greatly and with FlowShare it is super easy for us to create understandable instructions for everyone. And it's fast!"
Cradle to Cradle e.V.
"The beauty of these Flow files is that if something changes in the process or in the programme, you can open the old flow file again and jump to the appropriate place and take new screenshots and update the whole documentation relatively comfortably."
Bastian S.
IT Department
“With FlowShare, you can actually tell someone who has no idea about a process: go ahead and follow the guide. You can do that because with FlowShare, every click you make is documented.”
Robert K.
IT Administrator
"FlowShare allows us to document and preserve the knowledge that is available in the company, that is in all the heads of the individual employees. It helps us make this knowledge accessible to other colleagues and keep it in the company permanently."
Philipp B.
"We have used FlowShare to train our staff. It's a great tool for creating simple visual documentation on how to use software. It has saved us a lot of time and effort."
Carina M.
"The ease-of-use is very impressive, it does not take 5 minutes with the tour to begin with creating process descriptions with FlowShare."
Christoph B.
"Flowshare supports us by creating very well documented handovers when staff changes."
Jascha K.
"I've been using FlowShare for a few years now to document websites for users. It used to take me days to do this, but now I can do it with a few clicks and a little editing."
Sophia O.

Start for free. Create an unlimited number of guides. Only pay for the number of users you have.



Create an unlimited number of guides free for 14 days.

No restrictions, no obligations, no credit card needed. Only pay if you love it after your trial.  


We found that most companies don’t have streamlined documentation processes. They need to document every once in a while and there are no uniform templates, no tools that accelerate the process. Sometimes during training they just take notes and try to recreate the processes afterwards. If this is you, then you will definitely save time with FlowShare. Don’t take our word for it, see what our customers say about efficiency.

FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. Although the Windows Smart Defender might pop up – it is a regular procedure – FlowShare is perfectly safe and should withstand even the strictest IT-regulations. We have specifically put together a document for your IT to rule out any questions about risks: DOCUMENT IT LINK HERE

If you still can’t install it due to security policies in your company, write us an email and we’ll send you a zip Archive you can use flowshare from and still get your free trial!

Yes, once installed, FlowShare is like a black box :-). It is a completely locally operated and operable desktop software. Your captured processes and exported guides remain on your device. You alone decide with whom you share your recorded Flows or exported guides.

Not currently and not planned. Unfortunately, we can’t help Mac or Linux users. Check out our article on documentation tools that also run on Mac.

Senior citizens use FlowShare to transfer their know-how. If they can do it, so can you.

This depends on several factors: your screen resolution, the number of steps and the chosen export format. Orientation example: A 200-step Word document at HD resolution is approximately 19 MB in size. PS: We are already working on a compression to keep even longer instructions small!

Our custom TrackingEngine that FlowShare is built on allows us to access even the most customized applications that run on windows and in browsers. 

While we can’t promise a 100 percent compatibility with ALL applications around the world, we can promise that during your trial you can find out within minutes if FlowShare can automatically capture the button and element descriptions from your application. The only requirement on your device is a 64-bit system.

Size should not be an issue unless you are using a device from the 90’ 🙂 Compared to a 500 mb video you would have of your process, you’ll have a 20 page PDF guide. 

The file size depens on 

  • your screen resolution
  • number of steps in your guide
  • chosen export format

For reference:. a 200-steps Word document at HD resolution is approximately 19 MB in size. 

No. FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. The introduction of FlowShare in your company should therefore succeed smoothly even under strict IT-regulations.

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