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Finish off Step-by-step Guides, before They finish You.

FlowShare helps IT departments to create step-by-step guides easily and up to 9 times faster.

See how easily you can create a guide with FlowShare in action.
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The Benefits of FlowShare:

While you operate your program on the desktop, FlowShare creates
in the background automatically a step-by-step guide with short instructions.

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Up to 9 times faster than typing texts and taking screenshots.



Works with all programs running on Windows 7, 8 and 10.


Quick Start

In 90 seconds from download to use with quick start.

Record, adjust, export:

Three steps to a Step-by-step Guide.

1. Record:

One click one chart.

Open the desired program and start recording.

  • FlowShare captures every step you take as a screenshot.
  • Arrows are automatically set to the correct position.
  • Instructions are added automatically.

2. Adjust:

Fine tuning in edit mode.

Now you can edit your instructions to your liking.

  •  Select desired image sections and structure headings.
  • Add or adapt descriptions and instructions.
  • Blur sensitive data.


3. Export:

Convert to different formats.

Now only the export of your manual is missing.

  • Determine your desired target format. 
  • Choose one of many templates in portrait and landscape format or add your own template.
  • Soon you will also be able to create interactive guides in the FlowX-Format. Learn more here!


What our customers say about FlowShare:

"The workload has been considerably reduced for us while at the same time improving the quality of the guides and documentation produced."

Thomas Lang
Head of Information and Communications in Limburg Municipality

"FlowShare guides provide another service to our customers."

Marten Krull
Product Manager at IPD Now

"All the onboard resources and other tools we have used so far have been greatly optimized and simplified by FlowShare."

Günter Englert
CIO of Kapsch AG

Download now and get started!

Test FlowShare Pro for 14 days free of charge and without any obligations.


Which programs does FlowShare work with?

With FlowShare you can record processes of all Windows programs, including Windows native applications and everything that runs in browsers. The requirement for this is a 64-bit system.


Does FlowShare collect any data from me after installation?

No. FlowShare is a completely locally operated and operable desktop software. Files recorded and exported with FlowShare remain with you locally. You alone decide with whom you share your recorded Flows or exported instructions.

I can't download FlowShare, what might be the reason?

There might be several reasons for a broken download.
Please send us an e-mail and we will send you a separate download link.

Does FlowShare make any changes to my system after installation?

No. FlowShare does not make any changes in system directories and only changes the registry in its own directories. The introduction of FlowShare in your company should therefore succeed smoothly even under strict IT-regulations.

Can I create video tutorials with FlowShare?

No. FlowShare only offers the export of classic documents or interactive instructions in the software. No video. If you are interested in creating learning videos, we recommend our blog post „9 Screencasttools“.

In which languages can I use FlowShare?

At the moment you can choose between English, German and French. If you have any questions about other languages, please contact us via e-mail.

Does FlowShare also run as cloud-software?

No. FlowShare can only be used as a full-featured desktop application because it must interact with the system to generate flawless processes.

Is there also a Mac version of FlowShare?

FlowShare is currently only available for Windows. A development of the Mac version is not planned at the moment, because we focus completely on the further development of FlowShare (Win) and subsequent applications, like FlowGuide.

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