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FlowShare Changelog

FlowShare 2.9.0
Welcome to FlowShare 2.9!

The new FlowShare offers practical new features:

- Option to add rectangular markers.
Starting from this version you are able to add additional rectangles to your screenshots. The rectangles can be used to highlight or explain areas in the screenshot. The rectangles can be resized and re-positioned at any time and are also provided with a label in which a numbering or a short heading can be entered.

- More flexibility in automatic cropping of multiple steps.
We have expanded the options for automatic cropping of screenshots. From now on, you can choose from six different variants.

- Spell check.
The texts you write can now be checked for spelling errors. Similar to e.g. MS-Word, you can expand your dictionary and add company-specific terms.

We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.9 – share your flow!
FlowShare 2.8.0
Welcome to FlowShare 2.8!

For this new version we have dedicated ourselves to the topic of document export. The update offers the following new features:

- Templates for export to MS-Word.
It is now possible for you to set your own Word templates in FlowShare.

- SOP Word template. FlowShare now includes a template specifically for documenting standard operating procedures (SOP).

- New PowerPoint template. The new template called "Grid" expands your PPTX export options.

- HTML templates. You can now choose from three different templates for your export to HTML. In addition to fresh designs, these templates offer practical features such as the enlarged display of screenshots in a lightbox or a two-column layout with an always visible table of contents.

Furthermore, there are the following small improvements:

- Deleting steps via the delete key.
- Cleaned up table of contents in Acrobat Reader when using the PDF export template "Boxed".
- When copying text from one step to another, text formatting is no longer lost.

We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.8 – share your flow!
FlowShare 2.7.0
Welcome to FlowShare 2.7!

With this version FlowShare offers the option to move arrows and frames within the recorded screenshot. From now on you can also adjust frames in size.

In addition, this update brings the following improvements:

- Support for high-resolution screenshots (e.g. 4K) during "boxed" PDF export.
- Enhancement of the settings options for automatic combining of steps (step-combining).
- In previous versions, the font setting got sometimes lost. We have fixed this.
- We also fixed an incorrect language setting in the footer of the English version of the PDF template "Boxed."

We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.7 – share your flow!
FlowShare 2.6.0
Welcome to FlowShare 2.6!

- Step Combining
Starting from this version, FlowShare is able to combine several steps in one screenshot. This can be done either automatically by FlowShare or manually by you. With this new feature, you can make your instructions more space-saving without losing any information. You can apply Step Combining to newly created flows as well as to your older flows.

- Bugfix
Occasionally, users had the problem of not being able to open flow files once they had been created. The reason for this was erroneous information that slipped into the flow file. In case you have such a file, after this update you can open the file again.

We hope you'll enjoy working with FlowShare 2.6 – share your flow!
FlowShare 2.5.1
Welcome to FlowShare 2.5.1!

This update fixes an error that can occur when switching between languages.

Furthermore, you can now access our new help portal directly via the help button in FlowShare.

We hope you enjoy working with this improved 2.5 version...share your flow!
FlowShare 2.5.0
The following are the latest changes:
- Concurrent licensing This version enables you to run FlowShare not only with single user licenses. Instead, your employees and colleagues can now easily share a quota of FlowShare licenses company-wide. Please contact us, if this could be an interesting option for you:
- Improvement of Powerpoint-based exports In the past, document export via PowerPoint has repeatedly led to minor problems and unwanted side effects. We have addressed these issues and greatly improved this feature.
FlowShare 2.4.1
This update fixes the following bugs: 1. Problems during saving if the path or file name contains Unicode characters (e.g. umlauts). 2. Wrong text color of the document title when using the boxed template (HTML and PDF).
FlowShare 2.4.0
This version of FlowShare has some exciting new features to offer.
- Paint
From this version onwards, you can easily add additional markings, drawings and text to your screenshots.
FlowShare opens MS Paint with your screenshot at the push of a button. Your edits are automatically applied to FlowShare after you close Paint. This is designed in a way that lets you remove your drawings if necessary without losing your original screenshot.
- Compression of flow files Flows can get quite long, which can lead to rather large files. FlowShare now saves flows in a lossless, compressed form. Depending on the content of your screenshots, FlowShare 2.4 saves you up to 70% of disc space.
- Key shortcut to pause recordings Experienced users have asked for a way to interrupt recordings with a shortcut. You can now do this while in capture mode by pressing the Ctrl key twice in quick succession.
- As always there has been a number of small improvements and fixes.
FlowShare 2.3.0
Starting with this update FlowShare offers the option to apply an image crop selection to multiple steps at once with just a single click.
Also the following bux have been fixed:
- In very rare occasions the PowerPoint export produced the same text in all exported steps. This has been fixed.
- We also fixed bugs concerning the import of PowerPoint templates.
FlowShare 2.2.0
Numerous users have asked about the possibility of making texts in Flowshare more flexible. We have followed this request and now offer the possibility to select a font in the settings dialog, as well as common text functionalities like bold, italics, enumerations, marking, etc..
This update also contains several small bug fixes and improvements to the user interface.
FlowShare 2.1.0
With this update you get:
- Several bug fixes,
- Improvements on the user interface,
- The option to automatically create unique filenames for repeatedly exported files,
- A new feature that lets you manually rotate arrows in your screenshots.
FlowShare 2.0.1
This update fixes an error in the "Save as..." function of Flowshare 2.0.
FlowShare 2.0
As a user of Flowshare 2.0 you are now able to export FLOWX files from your Flowshare projects. With this data format you can feed our new application called "miraminds Guide". The guide directs users step-by-step through the processes defined with Flowshare live and interactively using the FLOWX file. The guide is available for the curious among you on request. More information is available at
But there's more news:
- New appearance We have reworked the user interface, made it prettier and even more self-explanatory.
- Word Export (DOCX) We have redesigned the generation of Word documents. From now on, your colors and logo will be inserted into the Word export and, if desired, a table of contents will also be created.
- Arrow size If you work with arrows (instead of frames) to mark your interactions, you can now choose between three arrow sizes in the settings dialog.
- Save as function In order to keep our products as simple and clear as possible, we are extremely careful when adding new functions and even question standard functionalities. You, dear users, have told us that a "Save As" button is missing. It's there now.
FlowShare 1.7.1
This update fixes several bugs, that came with our major 1.7.0 update.
We hope you enjoy working with this improved 1.7 ...share your flow!
FlowShare 1.7.0
Here is what’s new:
- Rectangles instead of arrows:
We have listened and understood…many of our pro users would highly prefer rectangle markups in their screenshots instead of arrows. This feature is available starting with this update. To enable this, simply switch to the rectangle shape in the Settings dialog. You can find this on the Design tab.
- Typographically correct quotation marks:
Whenever Flowhare reads outs a caption from an UI element, those words are now shown in correct quotation marks with respect to your language setting.
- Automatic text highlighting:
Words set in quotation marks are highlighted in whichever text accent color you have selected in your settings. This kind of highlighting is taking place inside the Flowshare UI and in all export formats (except Word, which stays pure and plain for now). This should make reading your generated documents even more pleasant.
- Greater customization of PowerPoint-based exports: If you run the pro version of Flowshare and like to use our built-in PowerPoint templates, you might like to hear that your logo gets now placed inside those documents during export. Also, Flowshare makes more use of your color settings when generating PPTX or PDF files based on PowerPoint.
FlowShare 1.6.2
Besides several bug fixes this version comes with the following improvements:
- Better support for older Office versions during PowerPoint-based exports (pptx & pdf)
- First time users are now able to test all Flowshare Pro features for 14 days for free.
- Your product key will automatically deactivated when you uninstall Flowshare. This way you are able to use your key next time you install Flowshare.
FlowShare 1.6.1
This update comes with several improvements you don't want to miss: - We improved the user interface for high resolution screens.
- The automatic language setting during the first time use of Flowshare got improved.
- In case you have experienced several PDF export runs in a row even though you only clicked once...this problem should be fixed with this update.
- We renamed our built-in PowerPoint and PDF templates. Those new names should be easier to remember and work with.
FlowShare 1.6.0
Watch out - this new version comes with a load of new features!
- Parlez-vous Français? From now on Flowshare is fluent in French. Simply click the French flag in the Settings dialog in case this is your language of choice.
- Improved support for international characters. If you have experienced problems exporting text in let's say Mandarin, you might appreciate this new version of Flowshare.
- PowerPoint export. As a Pro user you now have the option to export your flows as striking PowerPoint presentations. The only requirement is that PowerPoint is installed on your system.
Flowshare also comes with a selection of beautiful templates. To try these, simply click on one of those before starting your export process.
- Flowshare can make use of your own custom PowerPoint templates. (Beta) You heard right! Do you have your own master slides as POTX format? You can add those easily to Flowshare.
- Template selection for PDF export. All templates available for generating PowerPoint presentations can also be used for exporting PDFs. Simply because we can.
- Template selection in Flowshare Free. Are you using the free version? We also have PowerPoint-based templates for your PDF export. Just like the Pros, you need PowerPoint installed on your system to use this feature.
On request
FlowShare 1.0 to 1.5
Changelog of the versions 1.0.4 to 1.5. on request.
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