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We at miraminds are all about performance support––and so are our software solutions. But what exactly is performance support and how can companies profit from it?

In an increasingly digitalised working environment, software knowledge is indispensable. The more complex and dynamic the software, the higher the need for regular training of employees in handling it. Not only is this expensive and unsustainable, often it also does not suffice to impart or expand software knowledge in such a way that skills can be applied smoothly. 

Unexpected complications frequently occur in applying software skills––from memory leaps of learned details, to unforeseen problems or simply software updates that require additional user knowledge. In these cases “on the job” context-sensitive help is needed. This is exactly what performance support is all about: providing small nuggets of user knowledge exactly when and where it is needed.

Performance support does not replace advanced training in formal learning settings. What it does provide is an essential link between software knowledge in theory and in practice. Instead of continuous formal training, not only costly in terms of money but also in terms of workforce, a performance support system allows employees not only to do their jobs, but to do them well––and learn at the same time. 

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