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The Affiliate Program by miraminds

FlowShare is an easily accessible program for creating step-by-step instructions. It is used by over 200 companies with new ones constantly being added.

You are an IT consultant and know companies and businesses that could benefit from a simple solution like FlowShare?

You run a blog or a website and offer high-quality content for the IT industry?

Then the miraminds Affiliate Partner Program is just right for you. Because through the program you earn additional money and provide your customers with real added value.

How it works:

As a partner of miraminds you will receive a partner link after registration. For each sale of FlowShare via your link you will receive a customer lifetime provision of 25%. This is 756 Euro per year for 10 licenses, guaranteed as long as the customer referred by you holds the license.

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Bring Flow to the market

You probably know best what your contacts need. We have nonetheless collected a few ideas for you:

– Write a review about FlowShare to publish on your blog and send to your email contacts.

– Integrate FlowShare into your presentations, if necessary. Contact us if you need a PowerPoint template for this.

– Add information about FlowShare along with your affiliate link to all relevant pages or posts you publish.

– Recommend FlowShare in your blog or social media as your preferred tool for instruction guides.

– When you create tutorials for your customers, invite them to try FlowShare for themselves.

– Show potential customers instruction guides created with and without FlowShare.

– Demonstrate to potential customers on the spot how easily FlowShare can be used.

Good luck and thank you for joining us!


Very simply: You receive a personal sales link and recommend FlowShare to potential customers. For each purchase made through your sales link you will receive a recurring provision of 25% of the respective purchase price. And this as long as the customer holds the license (Customer Lifetime Provision).

In theory an infinite amount, it all depends on your sales skills. For example: for 10 licenses you get 756 Euro per year and that is guaranteed as long as your customer holds the license.

Your provision will be paid on a monthly basis. Payment is made by means of a SEPA transfer starting from a minimum amount of 50 euros.

After registering with our Affiliate Program, you will receive a personal profile. There you can view in detail how many deals you have made in which time period, your current account balance and debits, how many customers, how many clicks your link gets and much more.

You will not face any costs, only benefits.

If you are able to share a link with others, on your website or presentation, you are good to go.

You will find the terms and conditions here.

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