“The training time was very short and pretty intuitive – all in all it’s just incredibly practical and saves time.”

Susanna Holowati

Coordinator for Germany at Educ'Arte

Educ’Arte is a very special offer of the French Arte subsidiary “Arte France Développement”: The goal is “l’éducation” – education about the medium film. The service gives access to numerous ARTE videos.

At the same time, teachers and students have the opportunity to customise Educ’Arte films: they can edit videos, create a quiz or build interactive mind maps. But that’s not always so easy for every user – and that’s where FlowShare comes in. With the help of our documentation software Educ’Arte creates helpful step-by-step instructions for teachers and students how to use the platform optimally.

What exactly is your role at Educ’Arte and what are its activities?

I take care of advancing Educ’Arte in Germany and accompany the users, which are teachers and students. At the same time I am responsible for the overall coordination: From internal and external communication to training courses and marketing the platform.

What exactly is FlowShare used for?

FlowShare is mainly used for manuals, to illustrate all functions of Educ’Arte for users.

This allows teachers and students to read how to create a video clip or how to use the platform in general. Questions like “How can a student enroll?” or “How do I create a mind map?” are all summarized in themed manuals.

How did you document processes before FlowShare? What challenges did you have?

Previously, our team worked with PowerPoint: manually creating and merging screenshots.

The layout was more difficult to handle and it was simply less beautiful. Because the process was not automated, it took much longer: much more clicks, much more stages and much more time.

Was there a hurdle that almost prevented them from buying?

Actually, no. When I joined the team, I immediately started working with FlowShare. The hurdle was to convince my colleagues to change their habits. I wanted to show them that FlowShare, unlike the PowerPoint manuals, saves time, is easy to use and delivers better results.

"I wanted to show them that FlowShare saves time, is easy to use and gives a better result than the PowerPoint manuals."

What was the main reason to purchase FlowShare?

For me that was mainly the time savings and the simplicity of creating documents almost automatically and always in the same form. At the same time, the price for what it offered seemed very reasonable.

How has FlowShare improved your daily work? Was there a measurable positive impact on your colleagues and customers?

When I create the manuals, it’s all about saving time. In addition, you quickly become familiar with the tool: I didn’t have to look at FlowShare manuals, the training time was very short and quite intuitive. All questions were answered very quickly and hurdles were overcome. All in all, it’s just incredibly practical and saves time.

What do you like most about FlowShare?

That the screenshots are created automatically and that you can now also crop them. That wasn’t possible in the beginning and now works really well.

In your opinion, what are three other major advantages of FlowShare?

Time saving, simplicity and that it is adapted to our needs. Our wishes for new software functions are also taken into account.

How would you describe FlowShare to someone in your industry?

An easy-to-use tool for creating manuals.

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