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Instruct Employees fast and easy,
without having to instruct Them Yourself.

FlowGuide shows everyone personally and live how a software works,
by playing the tutorial as an interactive overlay in the particular software.

FlowGuide guides you through Excel so easily.
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This is how FlowGuide works:

With FlowGuide it is as if you were showing the user directly on the screen, in the software, where to click. FlowGuide guides the user step-by-step through a pre-recorded process and ensures that it is performed quickly, safely and successfully.

The Benefits of FlowGuide:

Real-Time Assistance

Quick help in the daily use of software. Users can get help at any time with ready-made FlowX-Instructions and solve the problem on their own.

Interactive to Success

In comparison to classic instructions or video tutorials, FlowGuide is interactive and does not require any transfer performance from the user. This ensures that the instructions are carried out successfully from start to finish.

One for All

FlowGuide is compatible with all Windows desktop and browser applications. This means that nothing stands in the way of versatile use in heterogeneous software environments.

Get instructions, get live instructed, got it:

Three Steps to successful Program Operation.

1. Get instructions:

Load FlowX-File and get started.

Imagine your user is in the program and needs help with a work step. Now he can proceed as follows:

  • Open FlowGuide and select the matching FlowX-Format guide you created.
  • Navigate to the required location and start the manual.

2. Get live instructed:

Interactive Guidance instead of analog Manual.

Step by step, the user is now guided through the program:

  • The instructions for what to do appear directly in the software – clearly visible and in the right place.
  • The guide automatically detects whether the user has executed an element correctly and then automatically moves on to the next step.

3. Got it - Orientation and Checking:

Big help: the Detail View.

The detail view serves as help for the user, if an advice is unclear or was not found by FlowGuide.

  • Here the user can follow every step of the instructions in the classic way using images and descriptions.
  • The user can navigate to the right place and view the step in detail in order to execute it successfully.

One Application for countless Applications.

FlowGuide is compatible with all Windows desktop and browser applications. So nothing stands in the way of versatile use in your company.

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With FlowGuide you can, for example:

• Introduce new software. E.g. Office 365, Windows 10, SAP, ERP systems.

• Create fast transfer between key users and all other employees.

• Explain complex and versatile software efficiently and in a simple way.

• Keep digital performance support lean.

• Reduce training effort and costs (e.g. for onboarding, software rollouts, etc.).


Which programs does FlowGuide work with?

With FlowShare you can record processes of all Windows programs, including Windowsnative applications and everything that runs in browsers. The requirement for this is a 64-bit system.


When is the official release?

FlowGuide is currently under development. The release is planned for January 2020. If you are interested in becoming a FlowGuide beta tester, please contact us via the form below.

What are the technical requirements?

FlowGuide must be installed locally on the computer of the user who wants to play the flow instructions interactively. Requirement is a Windows 7, 8 or 10 64-bit operating system.

I am a software developer myself, can I provide FlowGuide to my customers?

We are currently working on a solution that makes this possible. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

How much is FlowGuide supposed to cost?

We want to offer FlowGuide as a company-wide solution. As part of FlowSuite, you get the authoring program FlowShare for creators and the manual tool FlowGuide for users. Our license model includes FlowGuide access for 20 employees per FlowShare license you purchase.

Example: If your company has 500 employees, you pay for 25 FlowShare licenses and all other 500 employees get FlowGuide.

I want to become a beta tester, what do I have to do?

That is great and we are very happy! FlowGuide is currently being developed with a few project partners. And you can become one of them! You get FlowGuide for free and give us feedback. Simply fill in the contact form and we will get in touch with you!

Apply now as Early Adopter ...

... and test FlowGuide before Anyone Else!

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